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Selling direct to the general public since 1995    

I hold no stock, all work is now by commission only, everything you see online here / social media is sold. 
Collections in the UK, Germany, Italy & Australia

Commission info:
All materials I use are top notch British made, (paints and canvas) to ensure excellent quality and stand the test of time. Each commissioned canvas is made by hand in Birmingham to your exact requirements. I take photos / video as the work progresses so you can follow its creation. I personally deliver most larger commission pieces to ensure they arrive in pristine condition for you ready to hang. Client confidentiality assured at all times. 
Client testimonials available upon request. 

To discuss your requirements and get a comprehensive quote. E-mail: Tel: 01453 825 229
Some examples of my work below:
Example below of a large commission from the Amalgamation Series, size 36 x 24 inches, Title: Amalgamation Split

Amalgamation painting below, on going series.

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